Introduced in Corsica in the XVI-th century, and also called “Malvoisie de Corse”, the Vermentinu is a unique grape variety of the Patrimonio Appellation. It produces high quality white wines, with an exceptional aromatic body… One of the best of the whole Mediterranean region. The Vermentinu grapes enable the production of very typical dry white wines, voluminous and strong, often with a high percentage of alcohol. 
Vermentinu offers a vast aromatic palette , and provides a pale yellow colour with a green glow. The nose is elegant, composed of a bouquet of white fruits and flowers, mixed with citrus and exotic fruits and a hint of almond. Its body provides a certain intensity, with a steady level of harmony in the mouth. 
The Niellucciu is a very ancient red grape variety. 
In the Tuscan Chianty region, Niellucciu is also known as Sangiovese. It appreciates near infertile and clay-chalk soils, and is particularly adapted to sunny and warm climates. Corsica’s coastal softness is perfectly suited for this variety of vine stocks. Niellucciu is the king variety of the Patrimonio Appellation, it has made its region renowned for giving the wines a very sustained and profound red colour. 
Niellucciu promises finesse, density and a full body. Its bouquet is the sum of fur, hare and licorice, liberating red fruit and violet aromas with a woody note, which over the years evolves into spice and maquis flower aromas. 
This grape variety only exists in Corsica. Its name is derived from the adjective “sciacca”, evoking the crispy characteristic of the grapes. Their skin withers from the moment the grapes mature. The hot Mediterranean climate and its granite soils in which the vine stocks are planted, unite the ideal conditions for a nice maturation. The Sciaccarellu production is quite homogenous. It reigns in the granitic parts of the island (around Ajaccio and Sartène) and finds a unique combination of sand and granite at Close Teddi, which makes it a unique area of predilection in the Patrimonio Appellation. 
Sciaccarellu provides rosé wines with an extreme finesse and a rich and incomparable aromatic palette, releasing red and exotic fruit notes, combined with flowers and spices, allying complexity and elegance. Commonly low in colour, its pale pink robe provides a well-established acidity. 
Grenache is the ultimate Mediterranean grape variety and one of the most cultivated in the world. The bunches, luxuriant with grapes, provide a very sweet juice. Its wines have rather high alcohol levels and low acids, they release a profusion of black fruits like plums or figs and highlight hints of cacao, coffee and spices.
Grenache offers aromatic, coloured and well-structured wines, while preserving its flexibility.
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