The Agriates desert is a fascinating region in many ways, which will not cease to surprise its visitors with wild perfumes and rare landscapes, all while being very suitable for vineyards. Clos Teddi’s winery has naturally found it’s home in this rather dry environment, very close to the Mediterranean sea. 
The Close Teddi vineyards are cradled by a purifying marine breeze, of which the soil profits all year round, in order to guarantee a harvest of perfectly matured grapes. 
The combination of our granitic and sandy soil, which is naturally porous, aerated and filtering, with an exceptional microclimate, characterized by limited rain levels and abundant sunshine, awards us with uncommon wines with bold character.  
Our vineyards stretch out over 40 hectares, a quarter of them being planted recently and will only produce grapes in 2019. 
The desire to bring together an ancestral craft with a modern lifestyle, is pushing us to restructure our vineyard progressively. But of course our authentic vine stocks of almost half a century old, will remain, especially for the elaboration of our red wines. We want to add real value to our production, while respecting our terroir. 
The average age of our vine stocks for white and rosé wines is 15 years.
Our production is about 35hl/ha for our white and rosé wines and about 25hl/ha for our red wines. 
The average density of the vine stocks is 4000 per hectare. 
The domain benefits from the natural sumptuousness of its direct environment; the island of Corsica. The vineyards are predominantly composed of endemic, traditional and noble grape varieties : Vermentinu for white wines, Niellucciu and Sciaccarellu for rosé wines, Niellucciu and Grenache for red wines. 
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